02 January 2006

I Resolve to be More Like Evan Schaeffer

I'd call Blawg Review one of the great undiscovered treasures of the blogosphere, but as I learned when I hosted the carnival a few weeks back, it's been discovered by a great many people. The success of Blawg Review week after week is due in considerable part to the skill and attention of its editors; one of those editors pulls double-duty this week as Evan Schaeffer hosts the thirty-eighth issue of Blawg Review at his Legal Underground blog. He gets the year started right by highlighting the best of the past week's legal blogging and offering up ten blogging resolutions to better your blogs in the coming year. Looking through these, I see a great deal of value to be had; adding these ten to the two resolutions I made last week, I now have a resolution per month to keep me busy this year. Bruce MacEwen hosts the carnival next week at his Adam Smith, Esq. blog; review the submission guidelines and resolve to be a part of Blawg Review number thrity-nine.

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