22 January 2006

Well This'll Be the Day

I never thought I'd see the day the Seahawks would be headed for the Super Bowl. If there is any justice in the universe, Seattle's long-suffering fans will enjoy two weeks of happy anticipation, a day of blissful Super Bowl dominance, and several months of smug gloating before the Sports Illustrated cover jinx, the Madden curse, and the Chunky Soup curse inevitably coalesce to herald the team's descent into several seasons of salary cap and personality-driven infighting hell.

Tomorrow I return to the office after more than two weeks away. After a week and a half traveling on business and another week on vacation to Disneyland, I may not be able to recall where my desk is located; I'll give it at least a few minutes before I give up and head back home. Actually, it's not a bad job at all, if for no other reason than the fact that it doesn't prompt people to toss rocks through my windows. Pete Morelli, a gentleman who resides in nearby Stockton, California, isn't so fortunate. It seems he's so unpopular that the local police can't determine whether the rock-tosser who smashed his window recently was angered by his vocation or his avocation; from Saturday's Tracy Press:
A rock was thrown through the front window of the home of Pete Morelli, an NFL official, and police said Friday they have no suspects in the case.

Morelli, a ninth-year official, made a controversial call last Sunday during the Pittsburgh Steelers’ divisional playoff win over the Colts. He incorrectly overturned a tumbling, fourth-quarter interception by Pittsburgh safety Troy Polamalu, according to Mike Pereira, the league’s vice president of officiating.

Morelli also is the principal at Stockton’s St. Mary’s high school, and it’s unclear whether the rock-throwing incident was related to his school job or his NFL affiliation.

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