23 February 2006


To paraphrase Buck Laughlin from Best in Show, "And to think that in some countries these dogs are married!" From the Associated Press:
A seven-year-old girl wed a stray dog as part of a ritual to ward off the "evil eye" on her and her family in eastern India, a news agency reported on Wednesday.

Shivam Munda's upper teeth appeared before her lower teeth - considered a bad omen by members of the Santhal ethnic group to which she belongs, the Press Trust of India said in a report from Dhanbad, a coal mining town in the eastern state of Bihar.

I hadn't considered our family dog to be marriage material, but having been neutered, he's probably a better prospect than most of us were as single men. He doesn't mind being kept on a short leash and he's not a picky eater. Perhaps it's just his poor keyboard skills which has prevented him from placing a personal ad on craigslist?

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