30 March 2006

And a Hoser Shall Lead Them

Canada has become the first nation (other than Israel) to cut aid to and diplomatic relations with the Palestinian Authority, which is now run by the political arm of the terrorist group Hamas. Our neighbors to the North have recognized what our own leadership hopefully soon will -- that elections do not legitimize terrorism. Bravo, Canada. With glowing hearts we see thee rise, the true north strong and free!

UPDATE: As is often the case, Ed Morrissey of the Captain's Quarters blog is among the first to understand what's at stake during a key moment in international politics:
No one pretends that the EU has much interest in unity with the US on foreign policy, but Canada has been a reliable partner for the past few years for Europe. Having Canada leap out ahead of even the US to isolate Hamas and disengage from the Palestinian Authority places much more pressure on the EU to follow suit. Even with the Tories in power in Ottawa, it will be impossible for Europe to characterize the Canadian government action as a radical right-wing move.

[Canadian Prime Minister Stephen] Harper really has cast a gauntlet down to all parties. He has challenged the Palestinians to acknowledge that choices have consequences, especially in elections, and Europe to follow through on its own policies of non-negotiation with terrorists. Harper's action also prods Washington to join him soon; if we delay, we may wind up leaving Harper twisting in the political wind.

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