20 March 2006

Git Along, Little Blawgies

Oklahoma attorney Jim Calloway rethinks last week's rethinking and hosts a more traditional and informative forty-ninth edition of Blawg Review this week at his Law Practice Tips Blog site. In keeping with the host's frontier locale, this week's review centers around life on the range. If you recently saw Brokeback Mountain, your takeaway was likely that "life on the range" all about around love of musical theatre and love of one's fellow men. Calloway confirms the former by including several lyrics from Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma!, but dispels the latter by highlighting the ongoing smackdown amongst bloggers Ben Cowgill, Evan Schaeffer, and Kevin O'Keefe. When she hosts the fiftieth (!) Blawg Review next week, will the Dark Goddess of Replevin be the deus ex machina which will resolve their dispute?

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