27 March 2006

Keeping It Real

The Dark Goddess of Replevin hosts the fiftieth edition of Blawg Review. In addition to marking a milestone in the carnival's progress, this issue also is noteworthy for prompting, to my knowledge, the first-ever discussion between an assumed persona and an anonymous person concerning the nature of reality in the blogosphere: In No. 50, The Dark Goddess pointed out a worthwhile new blog, Death of a Law Firm, but speculated that its author was not an associate, as she claims to be, but rather "a disgruntled partner writing a cautionary tale with which to flog her partners"; the author quickly replied that she is "not a partner and that this is not a fictional cautionary tale." Will Blawg Review continue in this metaphysical direction next week? Only George M. Wallace of the Declarations and Exclusions blog knows for certain. But what is "knowledge"? What is "certainty"? What is the definition of "is"?

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