03 April 2006

Fools Rush In

"Who's more foolish -- the fool or the fool who follows him?"
--Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars (1977)

Who's more foolish -- the fool who agrees to do the April Fool's Day special edition of Blawg Review on short notice or the fool who precedes that endeavor with a prequel post which is just as entertaining as his special edition Blawg Review? It's no contest when the fools are one and the same blogger -- George M. Wallace, last year's Blawg Review Awards winner for best personal blog by a legally-oriented male blogger.

The stakes are now raised for next week's host, haiku afficianado David Giacalone:

Review fifty-two
must have at least two prequels
for host to save face


david giacalone said...

Colin, no assignments, please (not even for extra credit). i have no intention to repeat or prepeat The Fool's multiple editions of Blawg Review. Just doing one is punishment enough for my sins.

However, if you have a little spare time, I suggest checking out the materials on the is it or ain't it haiku page of f/k/a -- 'cause that 17-syllable thingy you wrote sure ain't haiku, and I know you don't want to go around haiku illiterate.

Now, behave.

Colin Samuels said...

Agreed. I prefer to think of it as faux-ku.