01 June 2006

Don't Tell "Viper" We're Shipping in 2008

Major kudos for my sister-in-law, Lynn, whose latest project, the "See Windows Vista" web site, is now available. The site is is hosted by none other than Tom Skerritt and is a visual treat to tide you over until Windows Vista is released in 2002 2004 2006 2007.

If I'd known "Viper" was on board with the Vista Cruiser, I might have . . . well let's face it, I probably still would have bought my new iMac. Still, I think those Apple folks owe Microsoft a big apology -- Captain Dallas of the Nostromo is a hell of a lot more manly than that dumpy "Windows" guy in the new Mac ads, and is there anyone who honestly thinks that Sheriff Jimmy Brock can't beat the snot out of the ads' amiable Mac slacker?

Sure, there is that whole launch date thing; Windows Vista may be better than sliced bread, but we can actually go to the store today and buy sliced bread. Proverbially speaking, an OS in the hand is better than two in Redmond. Perhaps "Viper" needs to move beyond the web site and take a more direct role in things at Microsoft -- "Windows Vista launch dates are written for your safety and for that of your team. They are not flexible, nor am I. Is that clear?"

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