10 July 2006

There's a Whole World Out There

Dan Hull hosts the sixty-fifth edition of Blawg Review at his What About Clients? blog. For most endeavors, by the time one reaches the 65th iteration, there isn't much that hasn't yet been done; Hull's Blawg Review is a first, however -- it is, I believe, the first issue to focus exclusively on non-U.S. legal blogs.

With the just-ended World Cup, we Americans were reminded time and again that there is a whole world out there beyond our borders in which we are just another player. I'm sure that some other things occurred in the last few weeks which also serve to remind us of that, but I wouldn't know of them -- I was watching the World Cup.

I've been designated as a Blawg Review "Regular Contributor" for some time now (which Ed. has assured me has nothing to do with amount of fiber in my diet), but when I was told of the theme for this week's issue, I found myself completely stuck for post recommendations. It's now apparent to me that I need to broaden my own feed list and I'm glad that What About Clients? gives me a post chock-full of outstanding places to begin.

David Jacobson carries on the international flavor (flavour?) of the carnival when he hosts next week's Blawg Review at his Australia-based External Insights blog. I'm sure that that editon will rank just after the Socceroos on the list of things of which Australia will be proud this month!

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