07 August 2006

Learning Something from the Unlearned

Unlearned Hand hosts the sixty-ninth edition of Blawg Review. Like myself, Unlearned (no, I'm not yet on a first-name basis with him, but "Mr. Hand" was already taken) admits that he's been away for a bit -- real life can occasionally intrude on one's time and inclination to blog; unlike myself, he's returned with a very worthwhile post. This Blawg Review covers it all, from bad faith to antitrust, from signing statements to the Convention on Cybercrime, and from WorldCom to Wikipedia.

Repeat offender Dave Gulbransen will host next week's edition of the carnival at his Preaching to the Perverted blog. Please note that you need not be a pervert to propose worthy legal blogging for inclusion in the issue. It might just help but, strictly speaking, it's not required.

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