11 September 2006

If you don't read Blawg Review this week, the terrorists win.

This week's 9/11-centric seventy-fourth edition of Blawg Review is cross-posted at both the Case School of Law Institute for Global Security Law and Policy blog (note to self: get a longer blog name) and at the Law, Terrorism, and Homeland Security blog.

One post collected by this week's hosts was Ann Althouse's predicting an "especially shabby" 9/11 commemoration this year. I shared her sentiment at the time and am pleased to note that, at least for now, most of what I've seen today has been remarkably . . . er, non-shabby. I had expected that, in lieu of thoughtful work about the victims and heroes of 9/11 and about those fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we'd see the now-usual CAIR-sourced puff pieces about law-abiding Muslim-Americans fearing for their safety during the undoubtedly-imminent 9/11-inspired retribution attacks by other Americans. Perhaps CAIR has realized after only five years that the general lack of widespread retribution against Muslims in the United States has made their message a bit less credible, or perhaps the heretofore-receptive mainstream press just needed the space for more advertising. Either way, I'm grateful for the respite this 9/11.

Yes, for every defeatist item I've seen today, I've seen three or four more constructive efforts -- amongst many others, the profiles prepared by the blog-based Project 2,996 and Sports Illustrated's profile of Pat Tillman should not be missed. It gives me hope that when my daughter is of an age to understand 9/11, we will still be commemorating the sacrifices made that day and since by so many. Perhaps someday, in addition to commemorating 9/11, we'll be able to celebrate 9/12 -- the day America began to move forward from its national tragedy.

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