10 October 2006

And bloggers in England now abed/ Shall think themselves accursed they were not in Blawg Review #78

More than a year after its inception, Blawg Review has finally arrived at the cradle of American law, Great Britain. Justin Patten, proprietor of the Human Law blog, hosts Blawg Review number seventy-eight and provides a British perspective on the best legal blogging from the past week or so. Highlights of this edition include coverage of patent ignorance in the European Parliament, ranting about pro-pedophilia blogs, and a plea for more legal blogging, to which my wife would like to offer a counterargument regarding this blog in particular.

As an Anglophile, I've looked forward to this week's issue for some time. I was born in Catterick in North Yorkshire, a village which is most notable of late for being the setting for the recent BBC "surreal road-trip comedy" Vic and Bob in Catterick, and which is under continuing attack from England's Second World War foes. Best of luck, chaps; enjoy this week's Blawg Review while you win the peace after WWII!

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