03 October 2006

Belly Up to the Baristas

I deal with patents on a regular basis but am not an attorney admitted to the patent bar; I enjoy coffee but am more of a tea drinker these days; I am a legal blogger but I am neither informative nor entertaining. Despite the foregoing, Patent Baristas has long been one of my favorite legal blogs, owing to its hosts' informative and entertaining style. The baristas, Stephen Albainy-Jenei, Karlyn Schnapp, and Nicole Tepe, ably host this week's Blawg Review no. 77.

Highlights in this edition include discussions of the six metrics which all firms should track, the value of strong non-obviousness, and the inspiring commitment to total client service made by Anna Nicole Smith's attorney/baby-daddy.

One post conspicuous by its absence from the roundup is one from Wall Street Journal legal blogger Peter Lattman Latte-man. Latte-man noted last week that Starbucks faces an anti-trust suit "claiming the java giant engages in a range of anti-competitive practices, including entering exclusive lease agreements, buying out competitors, and, our personal favorite, the 'cluster bombing' of stores." I can only assume that the baristas chose not to include Latte-man's post as a gesture of professional courtesy towards Starbucks.

Next week, we travel to the land of the cricket tea interval when solicitor Justin Patten hosts Blawg Review at his Human Law blog.

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