05 October 2006

The best-laid plans of a criminal mastermind...

A week or so ago, I mentioned Bryan Wagner, a Colorado gentleman who heard through the grapevine that he might be caught up in the Hewlett-Packard investigation and sought to frustrate prosecutors by destroying his computer hard drive with a hammer. Well, it seems that our friend Bryan's foolproof plan has somehow gone awry; he was indicted this morning along with four other members of the HP fun bunch.

It's likely that the only person who will be harmed by his actions will be Wagner himself. The documents he accumulated over the course of his involvement in this ill-advised affair would have implicated him, but would have served to enhance his credibility and value as a state's witness (and thereby his leverage in negotiating a plea arrangement with prosecutors) as well. On balance, the evidence on that demolished hard drive would probably have proved more valuable than damaging to him.

Is it any worse than short odds that this too-clever sideliner will end up doing more time than both of the indicted HP bigwigs combined?

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