30 October 2006

It's the Great Pumpkin, Denise Howell!

Who cares if Halloween isn't until tomorrow? Today is Howell-o-ween! Denise Howell, contributor to the Between Lawyers group blog and ZDNet's Lawgarithms, hosts the eighty-first edition of Blawg Review at her personal blog, Bag and Baggage. Highlights in this week's issue include copyright piracy, strippers' remorse, and the oldest living Haaavaaad Laaaw graaad. Even my own efforts to write an extremely short story get a kind mention.

Next week, as Election Day approaches, Edward Still will host Blawg Review no. 82 at his VoteLaw blog. No matter who wins or loses, no matter what direction this country takes from then on, make sure you can self-righteously declare, "Don't blame me, I contributed to Blawg Review!"

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