21 November 2006

Now THAT'S Humanizing the Profession!

A few months ago, I wrote an article and argued that legal blogging could humanize the legal profession and result in greater public esteem for attorneys generally. I offer my sincere thanks to those of you who have taken the time to read that piece and especially to those who have written me concerning it.

Those of you who haven't yet read "Humanizing the Profession" shouldn't bother, though; Heather the Carolina Top Cat already has done more to enhance the public's goodwill toward attorneys than an army of legal bloggers ever could:
Cheerleader of the Week Reader Michael Rodriguez, an attorney from Lake Worth, Fla., nominates Heather of the Carolina Top Cats – who is also an attorney. According to her team bio, Heather has passed the state bar and is also training to run in the New York City Marathon. This is one focused, goal-oriented cheerleader! Rodriguez writes, "Can you imagine being her client, turning on the game and realizing your counselor is dancing at midfield on national television? Do you think she'd get continuances for hearings scheduled for Mondays on account of having to perform on 'Monday Night Football'? There are just so many questions I need answered." Your Honor, my lawyer will be here as soon as she finishes posing for the swimsuit calendar. Here are lawyer cheers:

Sway to the left, sway to the right, res judicata keeps me up at night!

Briefcase, deposition, hearing, sidebar – call us if you're ever hit by an uninsured car!

CLASS action, CLASS action!

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