06 November 2006

Vote Early, Vote Often, and Blawg When Not Voting

Unlike the candidates who campaign a year-and-a-half in advance and call you at the most inconvenient moments, Blawg Review's election focus is a much more manageable two-weeks-long and there whenever you're ready to read it.

That coverage kicks off today, as Edward Still hosts the eighty-second edition of Blawg Review on his VoteLaw site. Glenn Reynolds, Denise Howell, Ilya Somin, and many others weigh-in on topics relating to tomorrow's midterm elections. Lyle Denniston, The Mommy Blawger, Blawg Review's own anonymous Editor, and many others weigh-in on other topics entirely.

Next week, Rick Hasen's Election Law blog will handle post-mortem duties on the 2006 vote.

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