18 December 2006

Turn Your Head and Blawg

David Harlow hosts the eighty-eighth edition of Blawg Review at HeathBlawg. This edition is a beautifully-organized one in which posts from many of the legal blogging world's luminaries are interspersed with notes about and quotations from corresponding musical luminaries. Highlights of this week's issue include rearranging Medicare's priorities, contemplating Holocaust revisionism, and putting "juniority" ahead of "seniority". Not included but definitely worthwhile reading is a post of Dan Hull's suggestions for the coming year, including "set aside a 'required' day where everyone must smoke, smoke heavily, and smoke Camel non-filters" and "Refuse to be a Dweeb".

Next Monday, the 2006 Blawg Review Awards will be presented at the Blawg Review site. Last year, I was honored to receive the Blawg Review of the Year award for Blawg Review #35. If the Anonymous Editor received that subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club I sent, perhaps I'll be a repeat recipient this time around.

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