10 January 2007

Copyright and write and write and write....

William Patry of The Patry Copyright Blog announced the culmination of seven years of effort -- the release of his long-anticipated treatise on copyright law:
I did 100% of the research and writing, never using assistants of any kind. The book is seven volumes, all text.

. . . .

In single space, printed form, the treatise is close to 6,000 pages and will be that length after the first year's updates: it is looseleaf and will be updated twice a year. It is, by almost 100%, the largest treatise on copyright published, and is the first new multi-volume treatise on U.S. copyright law in 17 years.

Patry's monumental achievement is available now from West. If the $1,500 price tag gives you pause, don't worry -- shipping is free.

It's just as well that Amazon doesn't have it yet, since I've already blown the gift certificates I received for Christmas on Xbox games. Patry on Copyright may just have to wait for Fathers' Day.

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