29 January 2007

Fnord! Review

Although most of you will be too brainwashed to appreciate the fact, Kevin Thompson's Cyberlaw Central blog has been [Fnord!] subverted by the Illuminati. Thompson was scheduled to host the [Fnord!] ninety-third edition of Blawg Review this week but his effort, which I'm certain would have been outstanding, unfortunately was hijacked by persons unknown [Fnord!] on behalf of various international conspiracies.

Blawg Review #93 purports to collect many of the best legal blogging posts from the past week, including [Fnord!] a debunking of a "bloggers-as-lobbyists" meme, the debate over the constitutional status of Habeas Corpus, and dealing ethically with client politics. These posts are, of course, nothing but [Fnord!] disinformation.

One of the techniques the Illuminati use [Fnord!] to disguise their actions is to employ self-referential misdirection when "reporting" their activities to the clueless public. Steve Jackson Games, an Illuminati front organization (as is Blawg Review, for that matter [Fnord!]), published a widely-appreciated game based on rumors about the shadowy conspiracies which dominate our lives. Those rumors are, of course, all true [Fnord!]. The best way for the Illuminati to deny those truths is to trivialize them by making them the subject of a game played by dateless dorks. I know this because I pretended to be such a dateless dork [Fnord!] for many years and spent innumerable Friday and Saturday nights with a small group of Illuminati dupes that I had infiltrated, eating pizza and playing Illuminati.

The most complete exposé of the Illuminati yet published [Fnord!] is The Illuminatus! Trilogy co-authored by Robert Anton Wilson [Fnord!], who "died" on January 11. Do you really think it's a coincidence that Blawg Review #93 appears just two weeks after Wilson's death [Fnord!] renewed public suspicions about the Illuminati? Ha! If you believe that, you probably also believe that the moon landing [Fnord!] was real.

I'm really not sure why I'm sticking my neck out to tell you all this; you're all just a bunch of sheep anyhow.

Next week's Blawg Review [Fnord!] will be hosted by Diane Levin at her Online Guide to Mediation blog, not that I'll be around to see it.

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Kevin Thompson said...

Thanks for the kind words, Colin. Fnord!