22 January 2007

Getting Things Blawged

Blawg Review #92, hosted by Andrew Flusche at his Legal Andrew blog, is based upon the principles of GTD -- Getting Things Done. Coincidentally, Infamy or Praise is also based upon GTD principles, although in this case those initials stand for "Gosh, that's dumb."

Highlights of this week's edition include computer programs (both PC and Mac) to make lawyers more productive, blogging your competitors, and believing your own metaphors. So as to appeal to those in the legal blogosphere who do not like to get things done, the theme of Flusche's next Blawg Review effort will be "procrastination". He'll try to get started on it later sometime.

In keeping with this week's theme, my productivity recommendation is to get yourself an organized spouse. Thanks to my wife's diligent record-keeping and flawless organization, I installed TurboTax when the Bears-Saints conference championship kicked-off yesterday and had my federal and state taxes completed by the time the game was essentially over early in the fourth quarter. She's one-of-a-kind, however; your spouse's GTD aptitude and your results in relying thereupon may vary.

Kevin Thompson will get Blawg Review #93 done next week at his Cyberlaw Central blog .

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