01 January 2007

Mum's the Word

It's never happened that the Blawg Review of the Year was the first one of the year, but (assuming the Anonymous Editor is willing to accept the award him/herself) this year's award may just go to the first of 2007 -- Blawg Review #89 hosted by the Anonymous Editor of Blawg Review.

Number 89 is based upon the Christmas season tradition of mummering, whereby disguised visitors ("mummers") would be allowed into a home and, if his or her identity could be guessed after a few questions are answered, the mummer would entertain the visited family before moving along. The Anonymous Editor invites the many legal bloggers mentioned in this week's post to pose questions and attempt to guess the enigmatic Blawg Review patriarch's/matriarch's true name.

Ed.'s twist on the mummer tradition is to entertain us before we guess his/her hidden identity. Collected this week are several dozen posts from and links to outstanding legal bloggers. From reviews of the old year to resolutions for the new, from the death of Gerald Ford to the death of Saddam Hussein, from giving birth in a jailhouse elevator to eating Courthouse Burgers and Lawyer Fries at the "No Lawyers" Bar and Grill, this week's post is probably the most comprehensive and entertaining in Blawg Review's history.

If we didn't know this already, Blawg Review #89 also demonstrates what a diverse and scattered lot we legal bloggers are. Undoubtedly, some of us are more scattered than others, but I digress.

As to Ed.'s invitation to attempt to discover his/her identity, I think I'll probably pass. Over the last couple of years, I've had my periods of curiosity but I've also come to accept Ed.'s anonymity along with his/her guidance and friendship, both of which I've enjoyed and appreciated immensely.

Happy New Year!

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