12 March 2007

He pardoned some Thanksgiving turkeys, but will President Bush pardon this dog?

Last week, what was conspicuously absent from the hundreds of news articles reporting the Libby conviction and dozens of editorial items advocating for, arguing against, or simply speculating about the possibility of a presidential pardon for Libby was a personal reminiscence about the Libby we don't know, the Libby beyond the bright lights of the trial.

Reformed lawyer Matt Barr fills that gap this week in Blawg Review #99, which he hosts at the wonderful group blog Begging to Differ. Barr has trouble accepting that the Libby he knows could really be guilty of the allegations made by Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald. That Libby is, all things considered, a good dog despite her occasionally troubled personal relationship with Muffin, who co-hosted Blawg Review #62.

In addition to coverage of the Libby verdict and a few thoughts about a dog gone wrong, #99 links to some of the best posts in the legal blogosphere over the past week. Highlights include the anniversary of the Dred Scott decision, Sarbanes-Oxley's expansion into child pornography law enforcement, and the potentially-most-expensive stock photograph ever.

Next Monday, we'll see a very special Blawg Review Number 100. Tune in when Blossom, the Anonymous Blawg Review Editor, and Blawg Review Sherpas Kevin Heller and Jen Burke plan an intervention for me after they discover a stash of diet pills, marijuana, illegal firearms, and pirated music in my blogroll [cue music].

OK, it's not that kind of special, but it'll certainly be special nonetheless.

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