19 March 2007

They Say the First Century is the Hardest

Whether you're hoping for a phone call from Willard Scott or pulling for your side at the Cricket World Cup, you can appreciate that a century is a big milestone. On the occasion of its one-hundredth weekly edition, Blawg Review takes a look back and anticipates what's to come.

The Anonymous Editor's outstanding retrospective of the first hundred issues of the weekly carnival of legal blogging is, appropriately enough, carnival-themed. Amongst the first hundred hosts, you'll find ringmasters, daredevils, and clowns, and with each host putting his/her/their stamp on Blawg Review week-by-week, the body of work that is Blawg Review reflects the eclectic nature of the legal blogosphere. The variety of blogs to which these issues link also demonstrates the considerable expansion -- in numbers, philosophy, and geography all -- over the nearly two years since Blawg Review #1's debut at Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground.

A post from this blog appeared in that first issue and other posts were linked by several early issues; it's hard to express how those links and the e-mails and they generated from Blawg Review readers gave a much-needed boost to my confidence as a blogger. In assisting the Editor to compile the links for the first third or so of the list, I found that several (although fewer than I would have expected) of those early hosts had left the blogosphere. The fact that I'm still blogging on a regular basis is due in no small part to the support I've received from Blawg Review and from the many individual bloggers whom I've "met" through the carnival.

Although the marriage of legal bloggers which is Blawg Review shows no signs of breaking-up anytime soon, #101 will be hosted next Monday by Diana Skaggs at the Divorce Law Journal blog. Think of the children and be certain to tune in.

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Diana L. Skaggs said...

Thanks for th mention. Hope you submit an article for #101. The theme will not bee marriage or divorce! Diana L. Skaggs