05 April 2007

Feeling Lost? Take the Quiz!

Via Begging to Differ: Beliefnet offers a handy quiz -- "Which 'Lost' Character Are You?" My results? I'm Hurley:
Like funny, personable Hurley, you’re a seeker. Maybe you grew up religious, or maybe you didn’t, but you haven’t committed to any one set of beliefs. You tend to find that sometimes making it to the end of the day is a journey in itself. For now, you satisfy your spiritual needs by getting advice and guidance from the people you trust, whether that means asking Sawyer for advice about girls or getting Libby to help you lose weight.

Frankly, I'm quite relieved. When I started the quiz, I was concerned that I'd end up as Aaron:
Like wrinkly, foul-smelling Aaron, you're a baby. You grew up thinking that your father is a feckless, drug-addicted ex-rocker, but you will soon discover that your real father wasn't even that cool. Your existence can best be characterized by noting that you've been nicknamed "Turniphead" by someone who used to be a hobbit, yet you still get 437% more screen time than Rose and Bernard combined. You were rescued from the Others but wish that you'd not been. Your idea of spiritual fulfillment is some quality time with a Dharma Initiative diaper.

Fortunately though, neither he nor Paolo or Nikki are options, so you're safe in taking the quiz; no psychological trauma will result.

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