11 May 2007

What part of "I'll be back" didn't we understand?

From The Register:
Following the announcement of the new Flying-HK-style "Reaper" death machines for the British forces, the prophetic nature of the Terminator movies has been further confirmed.

Not only will the UK MoD deploy airborne cyber-gunships remarkably similar to those in the films, the flying robot assassins will be controlled by an IT project named "Skynet".

This latest case of life imitating art (well, kind of art) was revealed this morning, with the news that the first of the Skynet 5 satellites has gone operational and is now successfully carrying data to and from British forces fighting in Southwest Asia.

Well, according to The Terminator, the Skynet system which all but destroyed humanity was supposed to go online on August 4, 1997, so we've had an extra nine years, nine months, and seven days to play with. Enjoy your weekend, human.

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