10 July 2007

Blawg Review of the Year/ Might Just Be Here

Corporate Law UK stakes a worthy claim for this December's "Blawg Review of the Year" award with Blawg Review #116. As always, there are many outstanding legal posts linked in this week's issue, including a survey of several excellent British blawgs, a better-than-reasonable consideration of "reasonable endeavors", and thoughts concerning blogging anonymity and visual identity.

Notwithstanding, the true highlight of #116 is the writing itself -- the entire edition is composed in rhyming couplets and begins with this sonnet:
As lawyers we swim through a sea of words
But most faced with a poem are set adrift
To fly through language like a flock of birds
Needs appreciation of Shakespeare's gift -
The iambic pentameter is no iamb itself
But central to inclusion in every great sonnet
It's the "dum-di-dum" of poetic health
That beats like your heart and keeps you on it!
With ceisures and breaks and cool rules and stuff
I wonder should poems be more oft in law?
I guess that lawyers don't decorate with fluff
But use highlighters, ribbons and typex galore.
This English Sonnet has worked better than most
And is the first flurry of this poetic post.

Jamie Spencer certainly has his work cut out for him when he hosts Blawg Review #117 next week at his Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer blog. As but a humble Blawg Review Sherpa, I generally confine myself to suggesting a few worthy links to each week's hosts; perhaps , however, considering the quality of this week's post, I should step up with a few format suggestions as well. Jamie, I'm thinking of a YouTube-based Blawg Review composed entirely in mime....

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