30 August 2007

Another Appealing Blawg Review

Although it seems to be later and later each week when I get around to reading Blawg Review, the experience is invariably a rewarding one; this week's edition of the carnival is no exception.

Todd Smith hosts Blawg Review #123 at his Texas Appellate Law Blog. Presented as a Supreme Court (of the Blawgosphere) opinion, this week's edition highlights worthy posts concerning Nixon-Peabody's now-infamous firm theme song, the legal blogs on the judiciary's reading list, and the ramifications of one Big Pharma company's decision to play hardball with plaintiffs.

Smith's choice of an appellate opinion theme is doubly appropriate. It is certainly in keeping with the overall focus of his blog, but it also points out that 123 issues and nearly two-and-a-half years since its inception, Blawg Review is well past the trial stage.

While the rest of us (in the States, at least) enjoy a day of leisure next Monday for Labor Day, George Lenard will be hard at work, presenting Blawg Review #124 at George's Employment Blawg.

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