09 August 2007

Who in this class has not yet been called?

Professor Kingsfield steps in in a pinch once again to host Blawg Review #120 this week. It's not easy to determine whether he's (relatively) pleased to do this or not so pleased; he's always a bit grumpy, it seems. This time around, he puts the crosshairs of his socratic method technique squarely upon the ever-shrinking class comprising those who've not yet availed themselves of the opportunity to host the carnival of legal blogging:
This week, our focus will be upon those who have not yet hosted Blawg Review. Our presentation includes interesting commentary by some of the brightest legal minds. Unfortunately, several of these excellent legal bloggers appear reluctant to lead a discussion of the most interesting legal topics of the day by stepping up and volunteering to host their own issue of Blawg Review. Today, like it or not, they will be called upon to participate.

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