13 September 2007

How-To Blawg Review

In this week's Blawg Review #125, Kevin O'Keefe, who has demonstrated that he knows a thing or three about legal blogging during his tenure as proprietor of LexBlog and Real Lawyers Have Blogs, suggests that the legal blogging community look beyond the legal blogging community to become better legal bloggers. Amongst the many blogging luminaries he highlights are Doc Searls, Dave Winer, Robert Scoble, and Shel Israel. The Anonymous Blawg Review Editor notes that O'Keefe's #125 does not mean that there's a shortage of legal blogging insight within the legal blogging community and cites a few examples from real lawyers who have blogs. Anita Campbell hosts next week's carnival at her Small Business Trends blog.


Kevin OKeefe said...

Thanks for mentioning my Blawg Review post. Blawg Review Editor is right - there is excellent info on lawyer blogs being published by lawyers, I just thought offering a non- lawyer persepective would offer some healthy insight.

Anita Campbell said...

I'm looking forward to hosting Blawg Review #126 next Monday. Thanks for the mention! Anita