26 September 2007

Twelve out of twelve angry men agree: this is a great Blawg Review.

Blawg Review's continuing success is due in considerable part to the creativity and expertise of its hosts week after week, but when you really get down to it, the carnival's raison d'ĂȘtre is primarily to showcase outstanding posts elsewhere in the legal blogosphere; notwithstanding, when a particular Blawg Review is a destination in itself, a post which educates and rewards time spent reading and considering, what a treat that is! Blawg Review #127, hosted by Anne Reed at her Deliberations blog, is just such a treat, as she offers seventeen tips for selecting a jury:
We talk a lot about jury selection here, and one message comes up over and over. To get good at voir dire, you need to set aside your assumptions, and instead see the real men and women in the jury box. It isn't easy; your brain on autopilot is a pushy creature. But if you're trying to really see, the world is your classroom. Everything from your morning paper to your office politics is a chance to practice.

Though it's probable that the vast majority of Blawg Review's readership is somehow involved in the legal profession as a practitioner, student, or academic, the fact is that few of us frequently, if ever, see the inside of a courtroom, and we are even less likely to ever face a jury, except perhaps as a defendant following a particularly boisterous evening. As such, Reed's Blawg Review was particularly fascinating for me. I suspect, however, that even if you're an experienced courtroom practitioner, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more succinct and valuable list of voir dire considerations than is present in Blawg Review #127.

All this is not to imply that Reed has shorted us on what we've come to expect from Blawg Review -- links to the best legal blogging of the past week. Highlights in this issue include a roundup of the social directors of the blawgosphere, guidance for understanding Generation Y, and a whirlwind survey of science fiction in the legal world, from a consideration of the political structure of Star Trek's federation to a report on the petty criminal activities of an Earth-bound Sith lord.

Ireland-based Lex Ferenda hosts next week's Blawg Review #128.

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