03 October 2007

Blawg Review is Gaelic... not that there's anything wrong with that.

Blawg Review #128, hosted by Daithí Mac Síthigh at the Lex Ferenda blog, is an excellent collection of the past week's best legal blogging. With this issue, Mac Síthigh also becomes doubly-noteworthy as being both the first Ireland-based host of Blawg Review and having (I think) the most-accented name of any Blawg Review host to date (at least until I change my name to Cölïn Sämüëls in a fit of Motörhead- and Mötley Crüe-inspired madness). Highlights of this edition include tips on keeping your blog out of court, a review of social networking in law firms, and a Shakespearean take on net netrality in Europe. HealthBlawg will have its finger on the pulse of the legal blogging community next week.

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