08 October 2007

Now THAT'S a Judicial Smackdown!

From time to time in the legal blogosphere, we talk about a "judicial smackdown" occurring when an appellate court chastises a lower court or a court at any level lays into a party or attorney in a particularly entertaining fashion. I can't recall seeing any instances, however, where a lower court judge has actually been ordered back to law school. This Indian case seems to be one for the record books:
New Delhi's High Court justices, annoyed with lower court judges who issue problematic rulings, have decided to send one of them back to law school.

In an order issued late Friday, Judge R. K. Tiwari was told to return for a three-month refresher course after issuing an arrest warrant in defiance of a previous High Court ruling.

"Since Tiwari does not have even elementary knowledge of the criminal law and procedure it would be appropriate that he undergoes a refresher course at Delhi Judicial Academy," Justice V. B. Gupta wrote.


Since graduating law school, I've had a recurring dream now and again wherein I'm sent back to school to atone for some egregious professional misstep. It seems that Judge Tiwari is truly living the dream.

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