25 October 2007

One more ring and we'd have a blogging circus.

As is increasingly my wont these days, here it is, Thursday already and I'm only just now publishing an appreciation and recommendation of this week's Blawg Review. This week, instead of a one-ring carnival of legal blogging, we're treated to two rings of blogging excellence. David Maister hosts Blawg Review #131 at his Passion, People, and Principles blog; the ever-mysterious and industrious Anonymous Editor of Blawg Review hosts the 211th edition of Carnival of the Capitalists at the Blawg Review website. For the legal folks, Maister focuses on the business of law -- the marketing, leadership, and economics of legal practice. For the business folks, Ed. focuses on the law as it relates to business, including such issues as corporate social responsibility, keyword advertising, and customer loyalty. Grant Griffiths will host next week's Blawg Review at his Home Office Lawyer blog.

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