17 October 2007

Until they invent a new hemisphere, Blawg Review has you covered.

It's a definite first for Blawg Review -- this week's Blawg Review #130 is split into two parts, with Geoff Sharp hosting the Southern Hemisphere Edition at his mediator blah... blah... blog and Diane Levin hosting the Northern Hemisphere Edition at her Online Guide to Mediation blog. One might think that this novel concept would result in a case of split Blawg Review personality, but it seems that with two mediators on board, a harmonious result is assured.

If you're wondering whether the success of this Northern Hemisphere/South Hemisphere Blawg Review means an Eastern Hemisphere/Western Hemisphere edition is in the works for next year, the answer is probably no. As those well-groomed young go-getters of 'Hooray for Everything!' established some time ago, the Western Hemisphere is the greatest hemisphere on Earth and the dancingest hemisphere of all; we at Blawg Review have no interest in rehashing that long-settled issue.

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