01 November 2007

Home Office Sweet Home Office

Grant Griffiths hosts Blawg Review #132 at his Home Office Lawyer blog this week.

While I'm somewhat envious of the freedom Griffiths notes that home office and solo practitioners enjoy, relative to their professional brethren generally, I also have to admit that I personally lack the self-discipline it takes to work from home on a regular basis. There are so many distractions and, much as the commute and the office environment occasionally grind on me, that physical separation between the personal and the professional does me a world of good -- both personally and professionally. For those of you with the desire and self-discipline it takes to practice from home, however, I can't recommend Home Office Lawyer to you enough. For the rest of us, Blawg Review #132 gives us a glimpse into how the other the other half lives.

Highlights in this week's edition include using blogs as marketing tools, the payoff in saying "I'm sorry" to a client, and necessary character traits for solo practitioners. R. David Donaghue handles hosting duties for #133 next Monday at his Chicago IP Litigation Blog.

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