02 November 2007

TGIS: Thank God It's Schadenfreude! (139)

This week's joy in the misfortune of others comes courtesy of the Associated Press (from Wednesday, October 31; link good at time of posting):
A Malaysian man apparently fearing he had too much to drink tried to play it safe by bribing a policeman to avoid a breath analyzer test. It turned out he passed the test, but was fined for bribery.

Aw Cheng Fatt offered a police officer 50 ringgit ($15) after his car was stopped at a police check point for drunk driving three years ago, The Star reported Wednesday.

The alcohol screening test showed the man's blood level was in fact within the permissible limit.

However, Aw wound up getting arrested for corruption and was fined 1,000 ringgit ($300) in court Tuesday, the report said.

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