28 November 2007

Traffic was ironic this morning.

Perhaps I find it amusing only because it was not on my freeway. There was an accident reported on another Northern California freeway this morning in which a car carrier hauling junked cars suffered a mishap and spilled those flattened cars across the roadway.

As we learned from Christine, it's entirely possible that cars can be evil, but is it possible for them to be unlucky? These cars were wrecked before (and some of them multiple times, certainly) and were pounded flat for the scrap heap, only to be wrecked yet again. This is the sort of automotive pathos Pixar can only dream of achieving in Cars II: We're Now Part of Disney, So Expect More Sequels.

I wonder what the first highway patrolman on the scene must have thought. "It's a thirty vehicle pileup, but I see only one truck driver wandering about. Dear lord! We have several dozen people trapped in horribly mangled cars! Oh, the humanity!"

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