07 December 2007

Every time you link to Blawg Review #137, an angel gets his wings.

My thanks to the many kind souls who linked to Blawg Review #137 this week:

I appreciated the praise and positive feedback I received from many readers; I also appreciated David Giacalone's comments, which helped me to keep things in perspective this week:
The only redeeming element of Blawg Review #137 is that it comes in the form of written words (rather than a podcast), so that I easily could skip and skim the excess verbiage, such as Dante quotes and parody verse, and find the highlighted hyperlinks to deserving recent blawg postings

Knowing how much he has treasured my past haiku efforts, I thought I'd treat him once more:
Dagosan's link love
requires a virtual
penicillin dose

De Novo hosts next Monday's edition of the carnival of legal blogging.

1 comment:

Ronald Coleman said...

So much going on here I have no idea where to start.

But merely being thanked for linking to a Blog Review that didn't find a way to link to me is Haiku enough.