21 December 2007

The Muller Report

As was the case in baseball, questions about the use of performance enhancing drugs are starting to spread within the legal community. Prompted by John Phillips' post, I issued a statement yesterday denying my participation in this sordid affair. Now, this morning, Eric Muller reports that an investigation by the Chronicle of Higher Education has found increasing use of "brain-boosting" drugs and "smart" pills amongst university faculty members:
The notion raises hackles in some parts of academe. “It smells to me a lot like taking steroids for physical prowess,” said Barbara Prudhomme White, an associate professor of occupational therapy at the University of New Hampshire, who has studied the abuse of Ritalin by college students. With the recent revelations about the use of performance-enhancing drugs in professional baseball, she sees parallels between striving athletes and faculty members.

Muller is calling for a federal investigation of the Leiter citation rankings discussed so extensively on these legal interwebs and in recent Blawg Reviews. Tainted rankings? Asterisks on the records? Oh, the shame of it all!

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