07 January 2008

Cyber Law

The various holidays gave me some much-needed time to finish up a number of books I've been reading lately. One of these was Cyber Law, which Brett Trout, the volume's author as well as a practicing patent attorney and Blawg-IT blogger, was kind enough to send me.

Subtitled "A Legal Arsenal for Online Business," Cyber Law is not an overly lengthy or academic work; instead it's one of the most concise and useful overviews of the relevant laws concerning online business and presence I've yet seen. There are many weapons in this "arsenal" useful -- both offensively and defensively -- to non-lawyers engaged online in business or personal pursuits.

Even on those topics where I'm comfortable with my level of knowledge, I've discovered that Trout's "best practices" approach often helps to focus my thoughts on the essentials and improves the quality of the guidance I'm providing to my in-house clients. I suspect that this book will remain close at hand for some time. I don't hesitate to recommend it.

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