26 February 2008

At least he didn't do anything unsavory to Matt Damon

Brett Trout continues Iowa's streak of Blawg Review greatness with this week's Blawg Review #148 at his BlawgIT blog (now master of its own domain!). It's a "stop and smell the roses" kind of vibe this week -- Trout notes that "lawyers do not spend as much time aimlessly meandering the web" and thus "most lawyers are woefully detached from the Zeitgeist embodied in the lowly Internet meme." The meme's the thing in #148 as such favorites as "Star Wars Kid" and "Leave Britney Alone!" provide some structure for the best of the past week's legal blogging. Highlights include a (not the) cyberlawyer's failed attempt to trademark "cyberlaw", things not to do after you pass the bar, and the revelation that excessive flatulence may not be a disability after all.

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