26 May 2008

Blawg Review Remembers

The annual Memorial Day edition of Blawg Review is one of my favorite traditions around these parts. This year's host is Stephen Albainy-Jenei at the Patent Baristas blog. He does us all proud with Blawg Review #161. This is such a special, heartfelt event each year that I'm inclined to say that this week's highlight is the review itself, but that wouldn't do justice to Albainy-Jenei's worthy effort (and if the carnival of legal blogging isn't concerned with doing justice, who would be?). I'll point out a few key bits -- paving the way for same-sex marriage, punishing dissent in high schools, and floating a quasi-sovereign nation -- but all in all, this issue's worth spending some time with. With a freshly-brewed cup of coffee, of course. The China Law Blog hosts next week.

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