06 June 2008

TGIS: Thank God It's Schadenfreude! (170)

This week's joy in the misfortune of others comes courtesy of The San Francisco Citizen blog (from Tuesday, June 3; link good at time of posting):
Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan Campaigning [for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Congressional seat] at the Steps of San Francisco’s City Hall.

Cindy Sheehan and one of her intrepid supporters today at the main entrance of City Hall during today’s primary election:

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Harvey said...

Me thinks that people, even those wackos on the far left, have finally discovered that their Emperor, their "Peace Mom" has no clothes. Whoa! A naked Cindy Sheehan? Now there is truly a frightening image my friends!

Professional Cindy Sheehan Basher