04 June 2008

Truth be told, I learned all the Chinese I know from "Firefly".

Now that I've returned home from a brief sojurn away and worked my way through the most pressing of the matters which accumulated during that time, I've had a chance to read through this week's Blawg Review. Frankly, it blows.

No, of course it doesn't, but I figured that someone who sees my Blawg Review posts most Mondays (or as soon thereafter as work permits) would think I'm on auto-pilot, praising each week's effort -- some weeks more than others, granted -- and never offering a critical word. While I try to be a generally positive person (outwardly at least, for politeness' sake), the truth is that week-in-and-week-out Blawg Review is pretty damned good because its' hosts make it so.

This week's another case-in-point. Dan Harris hosts Blawg Review #162 at their China Law Blog. They term this edition the "World Peace Edition" and with the nineteenth anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre coming only a day later, wars continuing in Iraq and Afghanistan, and disquiet in abundance around the globe, a World Peace Edition of Blawg Review comes none too soon. Highlights include civil wars and proper manners in the blawgosphere, learning law firm management from vending machines, and those age-old disputes -- guns versus butter, biofuels versus food, and coffer versus roller derby. Commenter "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha" probably speaks for many when she urges Harris to do one of these every week. He's humbly demurred, but the proprietors of the More Partner Income blog will take up the challenge when they host next week's Blawg Review #163.

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