14 August 2008

How to host Blawg Review without getting torched.

The Beijing Olympics are not yet even a week completed, but Jonathan Hyman is all over it, hosting an Olympics-themed Blawg Review #172 at his Ohio Employer's Law Blog. Highlights include an amazing opening ceremony, an historic finish in men's relay swimming, and... oh, actually, that's the real Olympics. Let's see here... the highlights of this week's Olympics Blawg Review include coping with desk rage, putting the kosher into labor law, and succeeding in law school -- ten steps at a time.

David Donoghue hosts next week's Blawg Review on Monday at his Chicago IP Litigation Blog. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this bit of Blawg Review trivia: Much like the early Olympic Games, the first several editions of Blawg Review were done in the nude. With the sole exception of the Anonymous Editor of Blawg Review, however, that aspect of the carnival of legal blogging is safely relegated to the past.

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