18 August 2008

Thankfully, he skipped the painful post-swim interview with Andrea Kremer.

R. David Donaghue (as opposed to your David Donaghue) hosts this week's Blawg Review #173 at his Chicago IP Litigation blog.

Like much of the world's, Donaghue's attention last week was focused on Michael Phelps and his unprecedented eight gold medals in a single Olympics. Unlike our friends at NBC and in the mainstream media, however, Donaghue managed to spare enough personal bandwidth to also collect the best legal blogging of the week. His #173 manages to adeptly combine these two great topics; highlights include medical device preemption cases for the uninitiated, open source licensing's new teeth, and going the distance for a few guests at Gitmo.

D. Todd Smith will host Blawg Review #174 next week at his Texas Appellate Law Blog.

On an unrelated note, taking my cue from Messrs. Donaghue and Smith, I'll be known henceforth as C. Matthew Samuels.

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R. David Donoghue said...

C. Matthew,

I love the name change. And thanks for the post.

R. David