07 August 2008

The Virgin Queen

Victoria Pynchon hosts Blawg Review #171 this week at The IP ADR Blog. She's made much of this effort being her first time hosting the carnival of legal blogging and to emphasize her point, she's styled this review as all about virginity:
If intellectual property had a theme song it would have to be "Like a Virgin."


Because IP is all about "the very first time," the "aha" moment, the creative spark that gives rise to previously undreamed imaginings.The restrictions of "how we've always done things" fall away and the numbing repetition of days become vibrant. The rest, of course, is work. Trial and error. Success. Failure. Rearranging the disaligned. Completion.

Then the suits arrive. That's us, the lawyers.

Owing to several days of travel and meetings this week, this suit arrived a bit later to the party. I found BR#171 to be one of those tremendously rich reviews which rewards careful reading. In fact, I spent this morning discussing the Virgin edition of Blawg Review with a few associates over breakfast.

We're all agreed. This Blawg Review is a strong contender for Blawg Review of the Year. All hail the Virgin Queen! Highlights (in addition to a survey of famous virgins throughout history) include seeing the light at the end of the "Don's Ask, Don't Tell" tunnel, considering the cult of Gerry Spence, and managing the "blame others first" crowd.

It's often been said that virgins shouldn't hope to get it all right their first time. Pynchon may be the exception which proves the rule, but she at least gives other new Blawg Review hosts a bit of hope. Jonathan Hyman of the Ohio Employer's Law Blog can take heart ahead of his Blawg Review #172 next Monday.

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Vickie Pynchon said...

Gee, thanks. It's nice to know one's efforts are useful! And I'm adding you to my news reader RIGHT NOW! Best, Vickie