01 September 2008

If they meant him to take the day off, they should've called it "No Labor Day"

While many of us were in full kick-back-and-relax mode, Jaime Spencer was hard at work preparing Blawg Review #175, which is now available at his Austin DWI Lawyer blog. Spencer posts the best of last week's legal bogging, including a few thoughts on paying for the privilege of being a new associate, how to wrangle a gubernatorial pardon in Texas, and the FBI's contributions to jail overcrowding by arresting a blogger who jumped the gun by streaming tracks from a long-overdue Guns N' Roses album. Hanna Hasl-Kelchner hosts Blawg Review next Monday at the LegalLiteracy.com site.

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Elderly geek said...

Always someone trying to get the edge and steal a quick buck or 2.