07 October 2008

Enjoy the best along with the wurst.

Germany-based Andis Kaulins hosts Blawg Review #180 at the LawPundit blog this week. Posted yesterday on German-American Day here in the United States, this edition celebrates all things German-American. Kaulins notes that German is the most prevalent ethnic background for those of us in melting-pot America, which might explain the ubiquity of and enthusiasm for Oktoberfest in the States. Or perhaps it's just the ubiquity of and enthusiasm for beer over here. Regardless, before you Oktoberfest your remaining brain cells, devote a bit of attention to this week's Blawg Review; highlights include the end of a legal challenge to "Ladies' Night", the start of a legal challenge to an alternative legal software application, and several tributes to the late Paul Newman's body of law-related films.

Blawg Review Sherpa Diane Levin hosts next week's Blawg Review #181 at her Mediation Channel site.

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